the resonx™ core.

only 40 pre-order spots remain | total cost at launch: $799.
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the world’s first embodied audio system that reliably combines audible, tactile, and haptic audio all in one powerful system. simply attach it to a chair and you are ready to go.
key features
• high fidelity full range tactile audio (7-5,000+ hz) and audible audio (80-17,000 hz).
• separate control over audible (hearing) & tactile (feeling).
• bluetooth, aux, and xlr connection.
• travel size hard case packaging.
• night mode (connect headphones and only feel the bass).
optimized for flat-back office & gaming chairs. if you wish to use a resonx for a mesh chair or a couch, an attachment accessory will be available upon official launch.
secure your spot - $50
fully refundable deposit  //  30 day money back guarantee  //  12 month warranty
• fully refundable deposit
• 30 day money back guarantee
• 12 month warranty
The ResonX Core
Music to a Gamer’s Adrenaline Gland
puts more reality in virtual reality
feel every note of your masterpiece
Become the embodiment of a speaker 
Vibration rules the world
Music to a Gamer’s Adrenaline Gland
puts more reality in virtual reality
feel every note of your masterpiece
Become the embodiment of a speaker 
Vibration rules the world
More than Meets the Ear.

It's not just about the excitement of hearing and feeling sound in high fidelity for the first time. It's a much deeper relationship with our own reality from the emotion, memories, and creative ideas that each experience using a ResonX™ is designed to provoke. Your relationship with sound will never feel the same again.

unlock a new dimension
in precision and range.

hear and feel sound simultaneously to add a new dimension of experience for creation or consumption of your favorite content. feel the entire range of sound expanding way past bass frequencies to gain unmatched clarity.

personalize your experience.

have complete control over the intensity of audible and tactile ranges to curate the sound experience to your acquired taste.

not limited by your environment.

by using your body as a direct signal to the source, you can have reliable sound experiences no matter your environment. create and consume with no compromise to high fidelity output.

listen stronger not louder.

enjoy full immersion without a heavy strain on your ears. Engage your whole body to be in sync with sound, staving off years of self-induced hearing loss.

what our
community says.

headshot of chris isles
“The ResonX is a mind-bender. Have you ever felt the shape of a sound wave as it travels through your body?”
Chris Isles
Sr. Director, Brand Experience & Innovation, Minnesota Twins
dj hands on turntable
“I’ve been doing music for a long time and didn’t realize that I was only hearing it until I met the team at EDGE Sound Research. The technology that they’ve created made me FEEL the music like i've never had before. This is a game changer."
DJ Bonics
DJ and Music Director: Wiz Khalifa
Brian Skalak headshot
“the team at EDGE Sound Research are on to something truly incredible. I was completely blown away during my time exploring their product and it felt like listening to my favorite songs in a completely new way. You have to feel it to believe it."
Brian Skalak
Director at REM5 Studios
"The resonx gives us the ability to feel deeper and more intimately. It almost feels like you’re apart of the music like you would feel at a concert. Anything that gives us this perspective helps us convey emotion in new and unique ways that we wouldn’t have felt otherwise."
Luke Shrestha
Artist/Producer of Chapters
Michael Tarnowski
“That stuff is magic and you can't convince me otherwise”
Michael Tarnowski
Co-Founder of Indy Gaming League & Beyond Ranked
"ResonX is the prime sound system to hear and feel sound to the extreme. It provides me non-compromising, balanced audio to hear a the low to high range with clarity."
Jonnathein Chambers
QA/Developer from AAA Studio


resonx core
Patent-pending Vibroacoustic + Vibrotactile Embodied Sound Experience
Smart Active Transducer Array + Intelligent ‘Brain’ + amplifier module.
9.35” Length x 9.35” Depth x 1.88” Height
audible frequency response
80Hz - 17kHz
tactile frequency range
7 - 5,000+ Hz (theoretical limit of human touch, currently being challenged by dissertation and active research)
4 x 100w class d amplifier
bluetooth, 3.5mm line in
4 x 20W Peak Vibroacoustic Exciters
4 x 30W Peak Vibrotactile Transducers
1.7 kg
pla plastic
design features
Form fitting bumps to fit complex contour surfaces
Locking aviator connector to keep your unit secure during use
Replaceable and upgradable buckled straps for maximum comfort and adjustability
vibro-tactile experience
stereo 2x2
general power requirements
AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
universal built-in power supply
country of origin
united states
what's in the box?
a diagram of the 6 items included in the ResonX Core box
a diagram of the 6 items included in the ResonX Core box
frequently asked questions
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