demo pod @ Gainbridge Fieldhouse

Experience Embodied Sound™, the world's first multimodal audio system, which transforms ordinary objects into high-fidelity sound sources that you can hear and feel – all within a comfortable speaker-less environment. This technological breakthrough marks a software paradigm shift, creating personalized, immersive experiences where familiar objects become a part of a multisensory symphony, and redefining how we experience sound.

multimodal audio

Simultaneously engages both the sense of hearing and the sense of feeling, creating a uniquely immersive experience that goes far beyond traditional audio.

objects as instruments

With Embodied Sound™’s ability to control vibrations in any material, objects come alive with sound, offering an enchanting and innovative sensory experience.

Invisible Integration

By seamlessly embedding Embodied Sound™ within objects, our integration ensures an uninterrupted, aesthetically-pleasing environment that never distracts from the experience.

Complete Control

Intuitive management interface provides complete control over every Embodied Sound™-enabled object, unlocking infinite possibilities in crafting a multimodal experience.
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Our vision is to enable new immersive and personalized audio experiences that bring us closer to a world where real and virtual environments are indistinguishable from each other.
Description of EDGE Sound Research
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what is multimodal?
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what is Embodied Sound™?
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what is included in an Embodied Sound™ system?
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how was embodied sound invented?
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what do you mean by "there are no speakers"?
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how is this different from haptic audio
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what is the difference between audible, haptic, tactile, and embodied sound?
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can embodied sound do spatial audio?
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where has embodied sound been used?
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what is in the ces demo pod setup?
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Is the ces booth similar to the experience I would have at a stadium if they have embodied sound?
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is the magic in the hardware or software?
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did you have to program things? or is the system set to react to live sound?
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How does Embodied Sound enable personalized experiences?
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