real-time virtual sound engine

Say goodbye to the restrictions of Channel-Based Audio and discover the new possibilities in broadcasting with real-time Object-Based Audio, offering improved efficiency, flexibility, and precision for live event broadcasts.

In this new era, we're introducing capabilities with our Real-Time Virtual Sound Engine such as automated mixing of on-court action, offering limitless sound perspectives to match camera angles, and enabling real-time volumetric audio for next-generation broadcasting (AR/VR/MR).

channel vs. object


Traditional channel-based audio systems have long been the norm, but they come with their own set of challenges. Manual adjustments of turning mics on and off, human errors, complex workflows, and capturing unwanted noises are all too common.


Object-based audio changes the game by treating each element within a space as a distinct source of sound, offering unparalleled precision and control.

audio focus

Imagine this: the audio mix adjusts automatically based on the specific object being tracked – whether it's players on a court or the movement of a ball.

With Audio Focus, we utilize computer vision to ensure precise capture, delivering a clean, compelling audio experience that seamlessly follows the action in real-time.

virtual sound objects

Audio Focus enables the creation of virtual objects where each object emits sound independently. Through metadata attachment, Virtual Sound Objects are able to then be manipulated freely within a virtual space.

perspective builder

Perspective is everything in broadcasting. Our Perspective Builder technology leverages the VSO’s to automatically adjusts the audio mix to cater to infinite viewpoints – from static Courtside scenes to sweeping aerial shots.

volumetric audio

The combination of Audio Focus with Perspective Builder unlocks the magic of Real-Time Volumetric Audio. Capturing the nuances of human hearing, this technology replicates a dynamic perspective, whether you're tied to the perspective of the players on the field or exploring a space freely in a VR headset.

broadcast workflow

The beauty of this technology lies in its seamless integration with existing broadcast workflows, as we've designed these solutions in collaboration with industry professionals working on the frontlines.

interactive demo

explore the power of our real-time virtual sound engine through our interactive web demo.
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