the building blocks of a new embodied reality.

Our new form of sound reproduction, Embodied Audio, combines both auditory and physical sensations of sound in an optimized and singular embodiment that you feel throughout your body bringing realism to sound for the first time. Changing the game by way of experiencing music, gaming, sports, VR/AR, live entertainment, events, car audio, and more.
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the realistic touch that sound has been missing.

What began as a revolutionary idea to help human beings experience a new dimension of sound that goes beyond the capabilities of current audio technology. Deep research then led to a patent-pending technology called ResonX™. 

resonx™ is the integration and tuning of audio components that enable audio experiences through the merging of pure-tactile audio and hi-fidelity planar speakers, with an emphasis on expanding the perceived tactile bandwidth for the user. This result is a clean and accurate transient response across a broad, tactile frequency range (7 - 5,000+hz) and complementary smooth, full-range audible range (80 - 17,000hz).
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Our philosophy on innovation.

at edge sound research, innovation is the act of collective dreaming and creative problem solving by all of us. Not for function, or technology, or finance, or emotion, or culture - but for the push and pull of them all.
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Phase 1
phase 01
Introducing the ResonX™.
Our 1st generation ResonX™ is the embodiment of years of research by our Co-Founder, Ethan Castro. As a first-of-its-kind technology, the ResonX™ sonifies any physical surface and produces full-range tactility (7hz-5,000+hz) and a complementary smooth, full-range audible range (80hz-17khz).
Phase 2
phase 02
Establishing Sound Profiles.
After enabling new experiences with the ResonX, our efforts are focused on unlocking the ability to personalize sound experiences to your taste in every aspect of your life. Whether you are relaxing at home or attending an event, tap a seat with your phone and enjoy a gamut of sound experiences based on your desired preference.
Phase 3
phase 03
Unrestrictive Product Form.
Removing physical constraints from the ResonX™ allows anything from the couch you sit on to the clothing you wear to become a sound source. Enjoying embodied audio will no longer be restricted by form and can integrate into everyday life.
Phase 4
phase 04
Inseperable from Reality.
Building a new world with ResonX technology allows for the mirroring of real world experiences into any virtual landscape. A future where subtle experiences, such as a wind gust, will be inseparable from reality as controlled vibration engages all your senses.