B2b solutions.
sports stadiums.
give fans the feeling of a front row seat no matter where they sit, one that makes their heart race as the crack of a game winning home run vibrates across their skin.
Cinema Experiences
evolve "going to the movies" into a jaw-dropping experience that fully immerses audiences into the story in a way no theater sound system has ever done before.
Experiental Venues
Engulf the crowd into an ocean of sound and sensation across the entire venue and craft a more intimate experience between your audience and the performer.
Automotive Infotainment
Curate a full sensory audio experience that gives each passenger their own unique encounter with infotainment that turns each section of vehicle into its own little world.
Custom Implementations
design the future of how we interact with sound in every aspect of our lives and build a new world of engagement that fundamentally changes our perception of reality.