Embodied Sound™ Dev kit

The exclusive beta system is solely available to creatives, operators, and researchers who are advancing the frontiers of the next generation of experiences possible with Embodied Sound™ technology.

what is included.

ResonX Core (transducer array)

ResonX Control Station (amp + dsp)

Embodied Sound™ Optimized Cushions

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dev kit specs.
• Patent-pending Vibroacoustic + Vibrotactile Embodied Sound Experience
• smart active transducer array + intelligent 'brain' + amplifier module.
Size & weight & material
• 9.35” Length x 9.35” Depth x 1.88” Height
• 1.7kg
• plastic exterior
frequency response
• 80Hz - 17kHz (audible)
• 7 - 5,000+hz (tactile)
control center
• amplifier system is contained within standard 1u rack space
• aux, bluetooth, and XLR
• takes in a standard audio signal, no specialized signal required.
• overall volume control
• hearing vs. feeling control
frequently asked questions
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