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our story.
what may come as a surprise is that the inventor of resonx™ is hard of hearing, but that’s what makes Ethan castro anything but a defeatist. ethan was born premature which resulted in issues with his hearing. when he was very young, his doctor joked, “as long as you don’t go into music, you’ll be fine.” that didn’t stop him.

ethan loved music so much that he would hug his father’s speakers to feel every note of a techno song. this passion led him to become a professional audio engineer and composer (against his doctor’s advice). today, ethan is completing his ph.d. in digital composition, researching how to perceive sound by combining hearing and feeling into a new audio format.

ethan showed his research to valtteri salomaki who was immediately sold and exclaimed, “holy sh*t, this changes everything." this sparked edge sound research and our journey to fundamentally change how we perceive reality.
establishing the sonic revolution in audio with embodied audio systems.
using the most innovative research to understand sound at the physical and perceptual levels.
fundamentally change how we perceive reality.
our technology.
resonx™ is the integration and tuning of audio components that enable audio experiences through the merging of pure-tactile audio and hi-fidelity planar speakers, with an emphasis on expanding the perceived tactile bandwidth for the user. this result is a clean and accurate transient response across a broad, tactile frequency range (7 - 5,000+hz) and complementary smooth, full-range audible range (80 - 17,000hz).
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our brand.
like the creation of our technology, the design and consistency of our brand is important for us to achieve our vision. these guidelines will help you correctly use our brand assets.
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resonx product labels.
these product labels are used to identify our resonx products, solutions, and implementations. subsets of the resonx will be identified with a vertical tag such as “core” or “mesa.”
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