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welcome to the world of experiential audio. we’re glad you took a chance on a whole new sonic experience that may fundamentally change your relationship with sound. we’ve spent a lot of time diving deep into all sorts of bleeding edge technology and inventing some new ones along the way in order to answer one simple question: how can one have the most direct interaction with a sonic idea?

In pursuit of perfection,
Ethan Castro & Valtteri Salomaki, CTO & CEO

Resonx at a glance

you ready for this?

what does it do?

the resonx transforms your chair into a one-of-a-kind acoustic experience, where you will feel and hear every footstep, note, gunshot, percussion, and more in insane multimodal fidelity.

It’s… a Frisbee?

only sort of kidding. this shape is the absolute, most compact way to fit all of the electronics, acoustic components and magic needed to make the resonx pack as much punch as it does. it literally cannot be any more compact unless we start bending the laws of physics.

use cases

gaming:  transform a gaming environment into an audio experience of a lifetime with the resonx. enjoy a deeper gameplay experience with sound allowing you to understand virtual landscapes with subtle cues such as feeling footsteps, localizations, and much more.

Music:  experience music as if you were in the front-row of a concert listening to your favorite artist live. whether you like bass-heavy beats or classical opera music, with the resonx, you will enjoy a song as intended by the artist.

Audio Engineering: a tool to take your creative ability to the next level with precise audio. feel every note in your masterpiece and unlock new capabilities in designing sound experiences.

Movies:  enjoy movie experiences like never before. whether it be character dialogue or a climatic movement, with the resonx, feel as if you are the main character in your favorite scene.

Sports Media:  watch your favorite sports and enjoy the in-stadium atmosphere. from feeling the bat crack of a game-winning home run or the crowd cheering from an overtime touchdown, sports streaming will never be the same.

Meditation:  relax and focus with the calming sensation of feeling vibrations emanating through your body. listen to some lofi music or nature sounds and clear your mind.

Getting Started

let's have some fun

What’s in the Box?
  • ResonX Core (Active + Passive)
    • Active is your audio console, which is composed of the battery & computing electronics. Think of this as the brain of the ResonX Core.
    • Passive is the sexy brick with all the transducers inside. Think of this as the body of the ResonX Core. 
  • Mini KD Soundbar
  • Two AUX Cables
  • Power Extension Cord
sketch of esr resonx
ResonX core Specifications (for current alpha progam prototype)

• tactile frequencies 20-2,000hz
• audible frequencies 40Hz-19kHz
• 80w peak exciter power
• 130w peak bass vibration power

mini kd soundbar specifications(for current alpha progam prototype)

• tactile frequencies 20-2,000hz
• audible frequencies 40Hz-19kHz
• 80w peak exciter power
• 130w peak bass vibration power

setting up the resonx bundle

Compatibility: the resonx is an active research project, and you are helping by playing, listening, and otherwise using the device whenever you can. however, apparently we’re only human, and can only work so many hours in a day. as such, we’ve been able to optimize the resonx for chairs with solid-backs (think traditional gaming chairs) or seats with some sort of solid core that can transfer the energy into your body. not to say other chairs or seats will not work (couches and stools work surprisingly well?), but we haven’t optimized for those yet. keep on the lookout for new attachments and add-ons!

How to set up the resonx core: as a reminder the resonx core is made of an active and passive module. active is the brain and passive is the body. starting with the active module, start by placing it on your desk or any desired surface. connect to power and connect one side of the aviator cable.

active module
passive module
connecting power to active module
connecting aviator cable to active module

you are now ready to attach the passive module to your chair. to attach the passive module, start by facing the device with the four convex circles towards your chair.

the attachment for the straps should be on the outside. with the straps in an x-shape, slide them over the backing of your chair with the straps on the front side of the chair so that the straps loosely hug the chair.

proceed to tighten the straps so that it fits comfortably on your chair. the tighter the straps hug the chair, the more vibrations will transmit through the chair. lastly, grab the aviator cable from the active module and plug it into the passive module on the bottom of the unit.

passive module - back of chair
passive module - back of chair

how to set up the mini kd soundbar: place the mini kd soundbar on your desk or any desired surface. connect to power, and bam, you are done!

now to connect the mini kd soundbar with the resonx core, use an aux cord to connect from the remote to the line-in on the mini kd soundbar. (note: at public launch, the two devices will automatically connect. not available for alpha units.)

connecting aux to remote
connecting aux to soundbar
how to pair the bundle with your devices

check if the remote has a blinking blue light which indicates the device is in pairing mode. go into your phone’s (or other device’s) bluetooth settings and pair it with “resonx”. the blue light will stop blinking and turn into a solid blue light when bluetooth has completed pairing. the green light will also turn on indicating that signal has been received.

begin trialing the device by starting the high frequency knob (top) and the low-frequency/bass knob (bottom) on the remote at the 12 o’clock position. then, tinker around with your desired settings to satisfy all your listening desires.

to disconnect the device, go into your phone’s bluetooth settings and disconnect. this will return the device back to its pairing mode.

try out the holy shit mode playlist —
curated for a great resonx experience!

These movie clips sound and feel amazing with the Resonx!

the tech

questions you're probably asking.

what is experiential audio?

experiential audio combines the tactile sensation of feeling sounds, with the familiar and natural hearing sense, but in a way that naturally emanates from people, instruments and objects.

what is tactile audio?

tactile audio is the predecessor technology to experiential audio, and it allows someone to detect sound as touch-cues, but traditionally only in really low subsonic sounds like deep booms.

what does it mean to 'feel sound'?

from research and the continual relentless pursuit of perfection, we’ve discovered that having more than one sense seems to aid in immersion in your content. having two pathways of experiencing something is called ‘multimodal’ and it’s a key element of why you think reality is real. if you see someone’s hands clap together, but don’t hear a distinct ‘clap’ sound at the same time, you understand that something isn’t behaving like normal reality. this is why when you listen through your computer speakers, you know something isn’t quite right - sounds waves have a weight to them that your body feels in addition to hearing. as a matter of fact, people who are hard-of-hearing or experiencing deafness already rely on their sense of touch to ‘hear’.

Troubleshooting, Safety & Handling

Just in case!


Sound: If no sound is coming out of your ResonX device, be sure to check the ‘stand-by’ button on the bottom of the device.

connectivity: Nothing like the good ‘ol reboot can’t fix. If that doesn’t work, make sure your ResonX is not paired with another bluetooth device.

• If the ResonX power is left ‘on’ for a long time (ex. 10 days), it may need to be reconnected to your bluetooth device

• Your bluetooth device may remember the ResonX but the ResonX may not remember the bluetooth device. In this case you will have to ‘forget’ the ResonX on the bluetooth device and then reconnect it. If all else fails, contact us at

Important Safety Instructions

Warranty: As an early stage company, please be gentle on us as we do not offer warranty. Our products are hand made in small batches, with each product taking numerous hours to complete (including 3D printing).

Individuals with Disabilities: Understanding that this device can get intense, we advise those with disabilities to be attended to by another individual when using the product.

Handling of the Electronic Device: With that said, do what it takes to proceed with caution around the product - don’t trip over the power plug, let your kids use it as a frisbee, or bring it to the pool with you. Keep usage in controlled environments and out of reach from small humans, but pets are fine.


Congrats on Becoming one of the First to Try Experiential Audio!

We hope you enjoy the ResonX Experience as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. We’re constantly iterating and love feedback. If you have any feedback at all, please join our Discord!